Fehr Cab Interiors

Fehr Cab Interiors

In the drought of 1988, Fehr Upholstery repeatedly began getting requests to “re-upholster” the insulation on the walls and ceilings of many local farmers’ tractor cabs.  The first sound-guard cabs and most cab tractors were aging, and the acoustic foam was deteriorating and needed to be replaced.  Fehr Upholstery started a service of on-your-farm cab insulation renewal and the business name changed from Fehr Upholstery to Fehr Cab Interiors.  Fehr Cab found the new interiors would not only help refresh the cabs, but it would increase resale value, help stop hearing loss by decreasing cab decibels up to 20% and make for a much more comfortable cab environment.

As the demand for various tractor models increased, Fehr Cab Interiors introduced complete precut cab kits with original materials to ship to farmers to replace their cab insulation themselves.  Since the business was started by farmers for farmers, it was important to keep prices at an affordable level to sell directly to farmers, and cut out the wholesale element for a quality product that farmers themselves could install.  Fehr Cab Interiors employs dedicated farm boys with a can-do work ethic to make a quality product for a fair price.  Fehr Cab strives to hone their cab parts to perfection, so the kits install faster—like Abe Lincoln’s quote advises: “If I have 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 sharpening my ax.”

Since 1988, Fehr Cab Interiors continues to add more tractor cab kits for newer models as customer demand dictates.  Now, over 700 different models are available and we strive to add to our product lines in the future.  The same “on-the-farm-installation” is also still available for local farmers, because the requests are still numerous.  More inventory is available, so orders can often be shipped the same day as ordered.  Commercial-quality pre-cut floor mats are also available for many tractors.

Newer tractors have more sophisticated cab components, so vacuum-forming equipment is now used for many sections of pre-molded plastic module cab kits.  To make cab insulation replacement easier for farmers, there is now a new “installation tips video” available on their website, www.fehrcab.com.  Improvements are consistently introduced and customer comments are taken seriously.  Over the past 25 years, we have learned to listen to our customers’ requests and concerns to contribute to continued quality and affordability to stay competitive.  For more information visit our website, www.fehrcab.com , call (815)-692-3355 to speak to a salesperson, or email inquiries to:  sales@fehrcab.com.

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