Flock Buster Repels Birds

Flock Buster Repels Birds

Save your crops and increase your yields!

Birds have been a problem for growers as far back as anyone can remember. Whether it is through partial or complete crop loss, birds are responsible for decreased profits and not to mention, countless headaches. With no signs of this feeding frenzy slowing, one must question, “What can be done about these troublesome birds?” A company in West Fargo, ND has the answer: “Flock Buster.”

Flock Buster, a bird pest control product which is the first of its kind, is a 100% ecological friendly bird repellent that can be used anywhere birds are undesirable. Either mixing for farm aerial distribution or ground sprayer distribution, Flock Buster is easy to use and proven effective. Flock Buster is an extremely valuable tool for bird management in sunflowers, corn, wheat and rice as well as Canadian Geese feeding on corn, grain, beans and sunflowers. In its third season, Flock Buster has already helped numerous farmers reclaim their fields.

Flock Buster has many uses outside of the agricultural industry as well. The product has proven to be an essential part of an effective wildlife management program assisting airports with bird control. Flock Buster is also useful in eliminating birds at landfills, golf courses, marinas, parks and any other outdoor recreational areas.

For more information on Flock Buster, visit the company’s website at www.flockbuster.com or call 877-NO-CROWS.

Written by:

Barbara Howard
General Manager
Skeet-R-Gone, Inc.

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